Frasier-Ousley Construction and Engineering, Inc. is involved in competitive bid projects. Approximately 75% of our work is via the competitive bid delivery method. Our involvement in the competitive bid process enables us to keep a tight line on construction cost and remain extremely competitive. With our competitive bid work we are also exposed to a wide variety of construction styles and techniques which enables us to analyze the most cost-effective means of meeting our clients’ needs. Additionally, the competitive bid process is essential to building and maintaining strong working relationships with our subcontractors. We truly take a “team” approach with our subcontractors and suppliers.

Frasier-Ousley Construction and Engineering, Inc. provides the total solution to our clients as the single point responsibility for quality, cost control, and schedule adherence. Long before the term even existed, Frasier-Ousley Construction and Engineering, Inc. was providing “Design-Build” services to our customers. This approach to providing a full service, turnkey solution has allowed our customers to make all of their design and construction needs through a single source. The Design-Build concept places all phases of the total building project in one office and streamlines construction completion by placing responsibility for both the design and construction on the chosen contractor. The advantages to the customer with this approach are the reduction in total project time, overall savings in project cost, and simplicity in dealing with a sole contact. Additionally, the team effort approach of the design build process shortens the lines of communication and minimizes misunderstandings and delays. The quality of the project is better controlled under one roof and the adversarial relationships between the design professional and the construction professional are eliminated. Our design build experience helps us to focus on the details of each project and alleviate problems before they arise.